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HLS Technology understands the need for well rounded, efficient, and compatible computing services solutions. Our employees have over 40 years of experience providing computing services to the commercial and space flight communities. Our employees are the top in their field and have received praise for their high performance and ability to think "outside the box" when creating computing solutions to address specific customer needs.

We are please to be able to provide our customers with services in the following computing related areas:

  • Software Development and Integration - Software design, development, integration, and management services utilizing C, C++, Java, PHP, TCL/TK, UNIX Shell Scripting, and other popular software languages.

  • Operating Systems Administration - Design, creation, implementation, and management of inexpensive, high performance UNIX computing platforms to meet the demanding network services and office productivity needs of successful organizations.

  • Network Design and Management - Comprehensive network design, implementation, security, and support are essential components for anyone who wants to efficiently and safely use a networked computer. HLS Technology can help ensure your network is efficient and your data is secure.

Contact us for additional information on how HLS Technology can assist you with your computing needs.