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Network Design and Management

  Network Design, Integration, and Support

We can help you design and implement your home or office network. HLS Technology understands the technologies available to residential and business customers, as well as the importance of proper security.

HLS Technology employees have many years of experience designing and implementing local and wide area networks. Our experience spans from simple wired home and office networks to internet based VPN and VOIP (telephony) communications, as well as wide area satellite and microwave based communications. We have experience in firewall design, integration, and support, which helps us provide customers with highly fortified networks. We can help unravel the mystery of wireless technologies, network switches, cable modems, NAT (Network Address Translation) devices, firewalls, and other not-so-clear network technologies.

Network Based Telephony (Voice Over IP)

HLS Technology can help you integrate VOIP (Voice Over IP) telephone services into your home or business. Our employees have direct experience managing sophisticated telephony systems, which provides us with a thorough understanding of how to integrate inexpensive VOIP technology into existing home and office telephone infrastructures.