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Software Development and Integration

  Simulation Development & Support

HLS Technology specializes in software development and integration activities. We currently provide simulation development services to Johnson Space Center, which facilitate real-time HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) and MIL (man-in-the-loop) astronaut training activities. We have significant experience integrating simulations with hardware based components (cockpits, hand controllers, etc.), as well as integration of 3D graphics into training simulators. These same simulations can also be used for non-realtime engineering analysis purposes. Our products are currently developed on UNIX Operating Systems utilizing the C programming language in conjunction with NASA's Trick simulation development environment. Trick provides simulation developers with a time and event based simulation executive infrastructure.

HLS employees have been instrumental in the creation, deployment, and support of DST (Dynamic Skill Trainer) platforms, which provide an inexpensive commodity computer based real-time training solution. DSTs provide the same high fidelity, 3D graphics based simulations as the large hardware cockpit/projector based simulators at a fraction of the cost. Expensive hardware based interface panels are replaced with "virtual" software based interface panels, which provide a familiar look and response to the user. Integration with external laptop based support applications is accomodated by software models that emulate vehicle support subsystems and communicate over a TCP/IP network or serial infrastructure.

Web Based Application Development Services

HLS Technology employees have been instrumental in the development of highly visible and critical web based applications. We specialize in HTML, Java, and PHP software development. Our developers understand the programming languages they work in thoroughly and often edit source code by hand, while many companies rely on third party graphical interfaces to develop applications. This allows us to provide our customers with comprehensive support and facilitate logic and ideas that are "outside of the box".

Our developers have experience creating web based training curriculum management tools used to prepare astronaut candidates for space flight. We have been successful at transforming customer visions into powerful web based tools, even when others had repeatedly failed at the same venture.

HLS also has experience creating web based training tools used to facilitate on-line learning. These tools provide students and teachers with an "intelligent" mechanism to allow a student to learn a subject at his/her own pace.

Database/Software Services

Our employees have a thorough understanding of SQL (Structured Query Language) and design/integration issues associated with application performance, record locking, and other critical database related issues. We have experience integrating local and web based applications with PC and UNIX based SQL databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access and PostgreSQL.